Embedding Python & GoLang Codes Each Other

Embedding Python in GoLang

Introducing CGO

Embedding CPython


// #cgo pkg-config: python-2.7
package main

// #cgo pkg-config: python-2.7
import (
python "github.com/sbinet/go-python"

func main() {
python.PyRun_SimpleString("print 'hello, world!'")
package mainimport "github.com/DataDog/go-python3"

func main() {
defer python3.Py_Finalize()
python3.PyRun_SimpleString("print('hello world')")

Embedding GoLang in Python

Build Go package as C shared library or object

go build -o main.so -buildmode=c-shared main.go

Some Notes About Shared Objects

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/home/batur/lib




DevOps & Software & Architect & Linux Geek — http://baturorkun.com

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Batur Orkun

Batur Orkun

DevOps & Software & Architect & Linux Geek — http://baturorkun.com

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