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  • Greg Grubbs

    Greg Grubbs

    hypecyclist.org | Software Engineer, Infrastructure Architect, Certified Kubernetes. Emacs nut.

  • developer-guy


    I do mostly Go, Kubernetes, and cloud-native stuff ⛵️🐰🐳

  • Karan Singh

    Karan Singh

    Sr. Solution Architect @ Red Hat ♦ Loves Kubernetes, Storage, Serverless, Hybrid-Multi-Cloud, Software Architectures, DevOps, Data Analytics & AI/ML

  • Ozan Hazer

    Ozan Hazer

  • Gökhan Şengün

    Gökhan Şengün

    Full stack dad of two and just curious about things. Stories are from my twitter floods @gokhansengun. Main blog is www.gokhansengun.com

  • Erk Ekin

    Erk Ekin

    Enthusiast, evolution activist

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

  • Sezgin Orkun

    Sezgin Orkun

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